Book Four

This book is a different format than most of the others. It is 6x9and is landscape rather than portrait format. As a result, the sketches are 18 inches wide when both sides are used.

By Lianne Schoenweisner

By Cat Cavallo
By Ramona Hilgenkamp
By (The scan doesn’t capture the sparkles of the original)
By Deborah Graham (The first of many to use both pages)
By Tanya Dixon (The first in a series using thread and yarn)
By Deborah Graham
By Ramona Hilgenkamp
By Deborah Graham
By Karen Fried
By Judie Rinearson
By Deborah Graham
By Pat Patrick
By Dorothy Sommer
By Ramona Hilgenkamp (This picture does not capture the original)
By Deborah Graham
By Jerry Boutcher
By Arta Boutcher

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