Special Projects

The Art & Soul group occasionally does a special art project together. This page details highlights of those projects.

June 2021; UUCM Flower Communion

The Flower Communion is an annual ritual at which participants bring a flower and receive a flower at the end. Thanks to Covid, it was held outside on what turned out to be lovely day. The Ministers asked the Art & Soul Group to create works on the flower theme and a number of works were made, which can be seen in the slideshow below. Many of these pieces were given away to attendees at the service through a raffle.

Soul Collage: It’s been pretty hard to do anything during the pandemic, but at our December 2020 meeting, we created Soul Collages. For more about Soul Collages see here. The end result of the process are small collages that are supposed to say something about its creator. It was a little odd doing them all separately and we may try again whenever we can meet in person. Here are a few examples from the meeting:

By Kathie Reilly

By Nick Lewis
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